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Information for Freelance News Writers for SciDev.Net

If you wish to 'pitch' a story to us, send a brief summary (2–3 paragraphs) explaining the story as concisely — but as concretely — as possible. We strongly encourage you to do this before writing the news item in full. Please use the SciDev.Net pitching template if supplied with one by your regional editor.

Your story idea should be submitted by email to the relevant regional coordinator, with a copy of the email sent to the news editor (

For more information on writing for SciDev.Net, please click here.

Partnerships with SciDev.Net

SciDev.Net is committed to providing a platform within which the science community, global development professionals and policy stakeholders can explore science and technology. We realise that effective delivery of our goals depends on initiating and developing partnerships with a range of organisations at global, regional and national levels to achieve shared objectives.

Partnerships can involve syndication of SciDev.Net material, development of content, joint projects such as science communication workshops and events, and awareness-raising ventures.

Please contact us as at if you have ideas for partnerships or projects with SciDev.Net.

Content and syndication partnerships

We are keen to develop a range of partnerships with media outlets and information networks, particularly in the global South, which support syndication of our content. These partnerships will allow us to penetrate the 'media diet' of decision-makers more effectively and will give our partners access to 'added value' content supporting adaptation that is locally relevant. See here for more information.

Media partnerships

SciDev.Net will sometimes develop media partnerships for key global and regional events, through which we support efforts to increase the profile of outputs and proceedings among the audiences that matter most.

These partnerships do not imply any privileged access to our news coverage or override our editorial independence. Please contact for more information.

Training partnerships

We aim to build the capacity of researchers and science communicators to present accurate and accessible information about science and technology, bridging the gap between research, policy and practice. Please contact for more information.

We develop partnerships with regional training institutions, including universities and research organisations. Partners in our training programme receive training for their facilitators, curricula and materials for adaptation, and a regular audit of training programmes so they can offer clients a service approved by one of the world's leading suppliers of science news.

Work at SciDev.Net

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